YOU Are The Most Important Person in the World.

Yes I said it. The most important person in the world is YOU.

Hear me out. Of course that if you are religious or spiritual then the most important person in the world is probably God or your religious and spiritual figure, but when I say that YOU are most important person I mean in terms of physical people in your life or world. Why do I say this?

Let us do a little experiment… If I was to ask you who were the most important people in your life and I were to ask you to rank them… where would YOU fall? Would you even be on the list? Maybe your list may look a little like this: God, My family, my friends… etc. Or maybe your list is just: My children. The point I am trying to make is that YOU may not even be on the list of important people in your life, when in reality you should be the “MIP” (MOST IMPORTANT PERSON). We are not speaking from a Narcissistic viewpoint or a conceited one or even a selfish one (maybe a little selfish 🙂 ); I am speaking from a very human perspective.

I often to talk to parents who tell me that they have so many dreams and goals, but that they find it hard to achieve them because they have to take care of the family and they do not want to be SELFISH. This does not mean that YOU should get forgotten. If you are waiting for someone to take care of you or to solve things for you; then I am afraid you need to take a seat because you will be waiting a long time. Making YOU the most important person in the world or in YOUR world is an essential part to the following: 1. Achieving your goals 2. Being a positive person in others’ lives, and 3.Being emotionally healthy. How you may wonder?

How Making YOU the MIP will Change Your Life

  1. Achieving Your Goals

A few posts back I talked about why our goals fail, and how we can improve the chances that they will be fulfilled. At the core of all these is YOU. You cannot achieve a personal goal or really a life goal if you do not take control of the actions required to reach that goal. You can put a lot of excuses, but chances are you had a little more control than you thought.

  • Accountability: Making YOU the most important person in your life can help you stay focused and accountable for your goals. Knowing you can change things is powerful.
  • Be a little selfish: If you really want to make more money this year, or become healthier, or simply be a better parent or partner, you need to be the best YOU. You need to set aside behaviors that sabotage your plans like putting excuses for giving up or pausing your goals.
  • Stop constantly thinking of how others are feeling. Be confident that what you are doing is leading you to the ultimate goal that will benefit all the other important people in your life.
    • Example: This year I really want to focus on my writing and on finding ways to help others and myself. This of course is in line with my ultimate goal of financially providing for my daughter and family. This however at times seems difficult (in my mind) because I start feeling bad when she wants to play and I need to write. So what do I do? I set my laptop aside and I play with her and all of a sudden my goals are falling farther behind. I am learning to tell myself that I will have time for her, but first I need to focus on my goals and myself because the completion and success of my goals will help her too.

2. Being a Positive Person in Others’ Lives

  • Making YOU a priority can create an environment of positivity. I do not have any scientific facts to back this up, but I hope you can agree with me; when you are positive, it becomes contagious!
  • Divide the action of loving: We have all heard the cliché’ “You cannot love others if you do not love yourself.” Well I think you can love others more than you can love yourself, and this can lead to burnout. If you focus all your love and attention on others… when will you have time to devote some of that love to YOU?
  • People are attracted to successful people. Success of course can be measured in many ways: wealth, happiness, love, etc.; but successful people did not reach success by putting themselves last!
  • Feed Positivity: Being positive entails the knowledge that things will reach fruition, but this fruition does not occur if we do not constantly feed that positivity. This can be done by the use of self affirmations: “I am a very good person,” “I will be successful,” “I will continue to strive for what I deserve,” and “My actions are fueled by me and a negative thought can lead to a negative behavior.”

3. Being Emotionally Healthy

Emotional health is not always easy to achieve. That is why mental health is one of the biggest problems to resolve. Emotional health is a daily job, and only YOU can control your emotional status. Let me refrain that: Only YOU SHOULD be in charge of your emotional health by finding ways to manage priorities and responses to your environment.

  • All about Perspectives: I am reminded of a quote, which I have paraphrased because I found so many variations (mostly quoted from Captain Jack Sparrow): The issue is not the problem, the issue is the way you see the problem. What do I mean? When you see a problem, you often see just the problem. You may not see that parts that make the problem, or how you fit into the problem. This may often be because you have gave someone or something else control over your emotional response to the problem.
  • Emotional responses can lead to physical reactions. I would be happy to provide some articles studying this if you would like: there are plenty! When we are emotionally unhappy we may also be more likely to act on emotions that do not add to our goals and that ultimately hurt the most important person in your life: When YOU hurt, everyone in your “circle” or nucleus may also suffer.
  • Emotionally healthy people take care of themselves. They know the importance that their mental state has on everything else around them. You cannot be a sad person and the same time be an advocate for others happiness and success.
  • You are contagious: Making YOU the “MIP” can help you foster positive emotional responses in those who you consider important because like I mentioned in the previous section: Positivity is contagious.

I hope that these points made you think, or reflect. Do not forget to add yourself to the list of the most important person in your life. This will help you not get lost in the mist of your environment and your relationships. A strong YOU means a strong: mom, dad, friend, daughter, or professional. Thank you again for reading and I would love to hear what you think? Or if you think that you should be part of the list of the Most Important People in Your Life.

Social change starts in our own self. Foster your potential so others can follow in your positivity.

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11 Responses to YOU Are The Most Important Person in the World.

  1. Anup Das says:

    Definitely our MIP should be only use, I’m totally agree with you. It’s a fact if we want to care about some one then first we have to care for ourselves.

  2. Sarah says:

    YES! This! As a blogging, self-help junkie, mom of 4, I often go back and forth between guilt and good selfishness (there must be a better word for choosing you first). I often say that we are much kinder to the world when we are kind to ourselves. Well done writing this.

    • You have said it perfectly Sarah!! We really are kinder to others and we forget ourselves. Your life seems busy!! But I hope that you are making it work 🙂 seems like you are.

  3. Eva says:

    Great post! I often struggle with this because I am always caring for others and usually I forget about ME! Thank you for this reminder Elena. 🙂

  4. smulldiaz says:

    I totally agree with this article, I even recently wrote a post on how to get to know ourselves:
    Thanks for sharing we need more people to open our eyes to that reality! 😀

  5. Thanks for this post. I think more of others and value people more and havong less rime for my self and how invaluable i am.

  6. tiazim says:

    great post! sometimes we are just bombarded with so many thoughts like “put yourself first” but at the very same moment you hear “you need to think of others, listen to them and help them” and sometimes its very hard to find the right path between the two.

    • You are very right. Those thoughts are very conflicting. Finding a happy medium can be hard, but if we do not take care of ourselves then we may not be much help to others. Thank you for reading 🙂

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