Why putting your career on hold should not mean losing your goals.

Putting your career on hold should not mean losing your goals.

What am I referring to you may ask? Many people assume that when we are adults we must take on a career and stick to it. They may think that taking a break or quitting this career means defeat. Well it does not! I wanted to share with you how putting your career on hold may not always be a bad thing. You may never know what types of goals you discover that may lead to a completely different path in life.

My career journey at a standstill?

I was just reminded today of the many loans I took out to achieve my diplomas and certificates. But what I am doing with them?!!! Four years at a private university and two Bachelor degrees later I knew I was nowhere near done. I headed on my journey towards my masters and again knew that would not be enough. Another thing that would not be enough… MONEY! Why is college so expensive? Why do we need knowledge so expansive?

During my graduate school journey I found out I was pregnant, and to no surprise… my life and my goals shifted. At the time I knew that I would have to wait at least a year before my priorities where in line with my original goals. I wanted to work in the field of psychology… primarily research. I wanted to get my PhD and eventually create a brand for myself. Instead I found myself in a depressive state; supporting and helping create a brand and a life for my boyfriend, my life partner. I quit my retail job and focused on school and on my new baby. It was not easy to let go of my income, to let go of my independence but I knew I had to put my career on hold… but never did I want to put my GOALS on hold. There is a difference.

Putting my career on hold while still working on my goals:

  • My boyfriend and child’s father decided that he wanted to go into business on his own, but he did not know where to begin.
  • I shifted my energy and resources into helping him build his brand and his business- Looking for licenses, insurances, marketing strategies etc. To be honest I found my own priorities lost in this process.
  • I however eventually realized one day while looking at my Masters certificate that came in the mail months later that helping his career goals did not make my goals any less important.
  • My goals where to provide for myself and my family while achieving optimal health and happiness.- These have always been my ultimate goals and have not changed.
  • I had the goal of using my degrees to help people and to expand my own knowledge.
  • When I was young I had the goal to use my knowledge to empower people and to build a community of leaders and learners!
  • My goal has always been to question things I find new, while expanding on ideas I know can work for many.

*While I have to put my career on hold for a few years until I feel ready and my family is ready, I never want people to think that putting your dream job on a slight hold is the same as not working on oneself or personal goals. That should NEVER be forfeited.


How to work on your goals while still being present and supportive to others

  • Work on your overall life goals (being healthy, being financially stable, being positive, working on self care.) Learn to budget the income in your household. Read articles to keep updated and informed in your field, attend seminars, start a healthier living regimen, learn a new skill!!!
  • Example: If your goal is to be a teacher, but at the moment you cannot commit to a full time job then volunteer or find ways to continue to practice your craft so that you may be ready for the workforce one day!
  • My goal is to use psychology to help people who maybe are unaware of the power of their own minds and their potential! I do this by freely doing research and by creating this blog that has became my escape!!
  • Never stop learning!! Do not put the expansion of knowledge on hold! Study your craft and perfect your craft…

I wanted to write this blog to maybe inspire new moms or people who have recently decided to take a break from some part of their life. We blame ourselves for so much and apply so much pressure that may lead to unwanted failure or self-sabotage! I also wanted to reach out to those parents who have maybe decided to focus on their growing kids for a while and whose goals seem to be secondary to everything else. WORK ON YOURSELF EVEN IF THAT IS NOT YOUR PAYING JOB! You never truly know if this break may have been the best thing you could have done.

One day when you are ready to go back to what ever it was you wanted to be, you will realize you were never that far from being just that!!!

As always thank you for reading and I hope that you found this post interesting or helpful. Please leave any comments or suggestions and like this post if you enjoyed


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  1. Nichole says:

    This is great. A setback is merely a change of trajectory. 🙂

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