Is it Time to Reboot Your Mind?

Is it time to Reboot Your Mind?

Life sometimes becomes so chaotic that we cannot breath. We maybe can physically function, but our mind is cluttered. Today I really wanted to write; it is one of my biggest passions, but I could not come up with anything that was worth sharing with others. What is wrong with me! I reached out to my support system  (my “like-family” friends) and gathered a few ideas, then my boyfriend seeing that I looked worrisome, sent me for a walk. I walked for few minutes with so much inner dialogue and I began to think about how slow my computer had been for a few weeks now and that maybe I should focus on that instead. I figured that maybe it needed to be rebooted because that has worked wonders for it in the past.

Then it hit me; maybe MY MIND NEEDS A REBOOT!

What do I mean by that? Yes we know what a reboot is when dealing with electronics. It crashes; you shut it off, let it restart, and hope it works better than before. But how do we reboot the mind? In the same fashion; you shut it off, let it cool, restart it, and start a little fresher.

Signs you may need to reboot the mind:

Quick story: The other day I was spending some time with friends and I was telling them about how I am not completely out of shape physically (although I definitely need help), but I am definitely out of shape and tired mentally. I know my body can do so much, like run up the stairs with my two-year old to watch her go down the slide, but this is how my lazy brain thinks; I have to get up from my couch, and put on her shoes, then my shoes. I then have to open the door and walk to the play ground, and walk up the steps and help her on the slide. By that time I am done thinking about it I become so mentally tired that I begin to change my mind. Just thinking makes my body tired. That is not a sustainable way of thinking. So here are some signs I have pinpointed that may help you realize it may be time for a mental reboot…

  • Your mind is tired and you feel drained. Yes your body could do so much more, but you cannot get yourself to even think about it
  • You have maybe hit a point in your life or career where the passion for reaching your goals seems clouded by doubt or other “priorities.”
  • You over think the smallest of decisions and end up just stressed or anxious thinking about the next step.
  • You notice, like me, that you have moments where you lose what you were doing or what you were thinking about because it seems that two or more thoughts are fighting for space in your mind. You have mind fog

So how to we clean it? Or restart it? Or refresh it?:

My professors always told me; “The mind is more powerful than the body. It is the command center for your actions and your body is fueled by the health or lack of health of such.” Now I know what they meant. I can will my body to meet my needs by changing my state if mind. But how? This is how we can try.

  • Recognize that optimal mind and body health can be managed by you!
  • Refresh your thoughts and learn to replace negative ones with positive ones. “I know today I feel like this, but this is NOT who I am.”
  • Rediscover yourself and your needs. This can be as easy as treating yourself to a day off, or even an hour off! Disconnect from it all and be with yourself. Give yourself a makeover? A mind makeover?
  • Prioritize those thoughts that will lead to the fulfillment of your goals. If a thought holds you back then it is not adding to your goals. Tell yourself, “When I over think my flaws, I am undermining my abilities.” The two cannot always coexist in a healthy relationship.
  • Become Conscious! A lot of our negative thoughts become unconscious thoughts. We think them so much and often so regularly that they become easier to listen to and we may even act on them without recognizing the pattern. Learn to actively reject these thoughts because they are just that, thoughts, and they do not always reflect our reality.
  • Ask for help!!! Sometimes we are stuck so far in our mind and our way of thinking that we need someone to pull us out. Ask for advice or use your support system to gain the fuel your mind needs to refresh, restart and reboot!!

Thank you all again for reading and I would love to hear how you reboot your mind. Do you maybe meditate? Exercise? Dance? Write? I am always open to suggestions and comments. Thank you again to those whom have decided to follow my blog.


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31 Responses to Is it Time to Reboot Your Mind?

  1. I agree with this 100%. We all need to press pause and rest. We need to prioritize the most important things, which includes those things we most enkoy in life. People forget relaxing is a need and a priority sometimes.

    • Ari, thank you for reading and commenting. Yes we have to pause and rest!! It is so hard when we think the world needs us 24/7!! But I agree with you. We need to prioritize. Thank again.

  2. fashionblabs says:

    A good way to reboot your mind is to spend time focusing on something completely unrelated to whatever it is causing the anxiety. Lose yourself in a good book for a few hours. Or you could simply take a short nap.

  3. I definitely need to reboot! Great post! Feel free to check out my blog also 😁

  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    I totally get this, I could really do with a kick start on rebooting my mind and getting it running on top form once again.

  5. mightymommy says:

    Thank you Elena! This happens quite often to me. It gives me anxiety for days at a time. I get lost in my thoughts. Replaying my fears, my problems, or whatever it is keeping me from a peaceful state of mind! I will definitely take your advice! Great blog post Elena. We do need to remember this. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  6. We could all do with a reboot every now and again. Sometimes we just need to start over again!

  7. Great post, I do agree with all the points. It’s so important to pause sometimes and as you put it, reboot. I feel like this at times with all the hard work on the blog plus Monday to Friday job.
    Have a fantastic weekend

  8. Great article. Humans tend to act like robots nowadays and forget their purpose and get de-attached from emotions and feelings. Instead, people should be finding themselves within and master their own mind. Great job!

  9. Sarah Bailey says:

    I could definitely do with a reboot, my mind is a bit all over the place wandering off on its own at the moment. x

  10. I constantly find myself lost in my thoughts, my hubby always tries to distract me and many times it work. I think I will relax when I feel anxious and reboot

  11. Melissa A. says:

    Great post and the timing of it is perfect for me. I have been mulling over the idea of going back to see a counselor again. I realize that I need to change my way of thinking in some areas, but these negative thoughts are so ingrained that it’s becoming obvious that I can’t change them on my own. So yes, sometimes a little help is needed to reboot & refresh! This post just gave me a little nudge in the right direction. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I’m glad it found you at the right time. Seeking professional help is very brave. There are a lot of stigmas regarding counseling but I am glad you are thinking about taking advantage of the help. Wishing you well in your journey and if there are any other topics you would like to read about I would be more than happy to assist.

  12. This is a fantastic post! I think I forget about “rebooting” my mind…and rebooting other parts of me, too!

  13. This is a great post on rebooting your mind. It is so true that how we think is how we will feel. Changing our thoughts can indeed improve so much of our life. Thanks for sharing the information.

    • Rebecca, thank you for reading and commenting. Yes changing how we think can really change our actions. I often forget to keep that in mind when I’m having a bad day!! Very common. Hope you stick around to read more content. thank you 🙂

  14. Very true, this was a great post to read. The mind is a powerful thing – how we think is how we feel can be either very constructive or destructive.

  15. I love this. This was so refreshing to read and I am definitely going to start applying this whenever my mind needs a reboot.

  16. Nice Post..Agree with you 🙂 I happen to reboot my mind often. Being affected by negative people around,it’s a constant process for me to chase the positiveness, Giving time to myself is the best reboot for me.

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