Is Fashion Important?

Hello all! Thank you for stopping by to read this post. This week I wanted to do something different by providing you guys with content from my a very special guest. The following post was written by Wilson who writes at I am no where near an expert in fashion, or fashion related topics, but I love new information and perspectives. Fashionblabs is great because it offers readers an inside view on how fashion can influence other areas of our lives and how what we choose to show others can change their perspective of us and our perspective on well, EVERYTHING. I hope that you guys take the time to read and share her blog and tell me what you want to read next! Blessings to all.

Is Fashion Important?

With so many important issues facing us today, like war, hunger, climate change, and discrimination to name but a few, fashion seems unworthy of mentioning. The choice one makes about his or her personal style of dress will not so much as create a wrinkle in the socio-political fabric that covers the world’s populations. However it can make a huge difference in the life of one person. Take Jim Wolf of Grand Rapids Michigan for example.

I recently came across YouTube video of Mr. Wolf (Veteran’s Makeover Goes Viral: VIDEO) while browsing the internet. Mr. Wolf, a homeless man, was given a makeover by Christian support charity Dégagé Ministries which was captured on video by producer Rob Bliss and it completely changed his appearance and perhaps his mental attitude as well, particularly as it relates to his self-esteem.

before and after

The difference in the before and after images of him were so striking I wanted to learn more about him.

Jim Wolf joined the US Army at the age of 18 and served a couple of years in the National Guard. He was trained as an infantryman but was never deployed. At the time of the shooting of the video of him that went viral, Jim was a 54 year old homeless veteran suffering from alcoholism and living in Grand Rapids Michigan.

I’m no psychologist, but judging from the change in Jim’s facial expression as shown in the photos, I would say the change in him goes much deeper than the surface. The surface change, which is obvious and dramatic, is due solely to a change in fashion (hair, clothing etc.). One might argue that the psychological change, if any, is also due solely to this variable. A fashion makeover can make anyone look better, and looking better can cause one to feel better which in turn affect every other aspect of that person’s life. As previously stated, Jim suffers from alcoholism, which can’t be cured with a simple wardrobe change regardless of how dramatic the change might be. But at least, for a time, Jim was able to feel better about himself and that alone is worthwhile endeavor.

I began by suggesting that fashion is a small concern compared to other obviously major concerns facing us. But here’s a thought. Suppose someone like Jim, but not suffering any ailment that might impede his or her progress, went through a similar transformation. Now let’s suppose that the resulting change in mental attitude caused her to become a public servant. Eventually she runs for local public office and wins. She later runs for the senate or congress; she wins and does a fantastic job. Next she runs for President of the United States of America and wins again. As President, she enacts policies that completely and permanently eliminate the threat of nuclear war in the world. I know this is an unlikely scenario, but it is a possible one. And it would all have come about because of a fashion change. It may be that fashion isimportant after all. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. This is so true! The clothes we wear definitely affect our morale and how we feel about ourselves. I know this for sure because sometimes when I’m feeling crappy, it’s usually because I’ve stayed at home all day, dressed in my pyjamas and doing nothing. The moment I decide to get up, do make up and dress up, I end up feeling so much better!

  2. rspires811 says:

    There is no denying when you dress better, you feel better. I tell people all the time if you take pride in how you look it will make you feel better about yourself.

    • I agree. Sometimes that’s all we need to lift our spirits 🙂 people may call it superficial, but it does affect us in different ways 🙂 thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    I have seen this transformation and it was sooooo amazing!! And very much inspiring <3 Just to show and prove to the world that people, unfortunately, go for looks.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes it’s unfortunate, but I think Wilson makes a good point in this blog because sometimes our outward appearance can give us the small lift we need to change something 🙂 thank you again.

  4. Agent X says:

    I am glad I stumbled on this post. It just so happens, I have been contemplating kinda the mirror opposite of this. What if the whole church dressed homeless? What would the downgrade in fashion do?

    I recall driving through Clovis, NM a few years ago and there was a billboard at the edge of town advertising for a church (First Baptist, I think) and it had a picture of blue jeans sprawled across the sign. The caption read : Church clothes.

    Apparently we have been thinking something like what this post offers, but not crystalizing it very succinctly along these lines.

    Yes, I see the power in the upgrade change. I am not convinced that it is the magic bullet that fixes everything, but there is power there going unimagined. And now I pose for your consideration – if the upgrade is so powerful… how about the downgrade? Seriously, think about it.

    I invite you to see my post on that angle:

    Hope you will check it out…

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)

    • You pose a really cool question. I love social experiments that challenge our norms or rules. I will definitely check yours out and I am glad that you took the time to comment. Downgrading may elicit different outcomes, not only in our personal lives, but maybe even in our society.

      • Agent X says:

        Wow! Check out this other video I found shortly after we last exchanged. Fashion is not the focus, but you can see it working it’s magic.

        Take the short journey. Watch this:


      • Agent X says:

        I dunno. I clicked on this link and it worked for me.

        How about you copy and paste the web address in the finder…

        Here it is again… just in case:

        if that doesn’t work, try searching YouTube for “Being Human” and “Tim Owens” It is a cool video. Not quite as dramatic as yours, in my opinion, but close and just as important.

  5. flash player must be on and working in your browser in order for the video to work.

  6. Unless this man was given a life break… meaning money, a job, a LIFE. Nothing will change, he will take his fancy suit and get back to his reality the one he knows and has lived in for so many years. It reminds me of the movie with Eddie Murphy trading places, I’m sure you all know which I’m talking about. He became very succesfull, and the two rich old brothers wagering on his downfall gave him a home a job and then stripped it away. Another old movie Brewster millions… both had something in common… I think society has an image we all do of the homeless, it is not a makeover but a breaking point that needs to be given attention. If the government would get involved, there are so many ways to help people instead of one simple makeover. Many people who have turned to street living got hit hard lost something.. no hope… so no I don’t believe it’s what you look like or what you wear that changes who you are… it’s more about being given a break from society… it’s unfortunate these days there is no more middle class … your either poor and struggling or RICH. 90% of the population are struggling living on credit… the other 10% don’t give a hoot of changing things! All that said good article great food for thought!

    • I agree with a lot of what you said. I think what Wilson was suggesting here is that sometimes things in our life may trigger a change. Of course it won’t be a life change unless we work at it. For example, a few years ago I ended a very hard relationship. I began to take less care of myself because i thought it was not worth to try. But then I began going to the gym, got healthier, and had a little mental and physical makeover. Wilson also mentions that it is of course hard to change someone’s condition or circumstances, but sadly sometimes the way we look really says a lot about how we live. In the workplace the way you look can say a lot. I do agree with you that when it comes to the homeless, we really need to stop seeing them in a negative way and instead we should offer them resources. Thank you for reading 🙂

  7. I’m with ya on this one. Yes, fashion is important!

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