Is college a waste of money?

Is college a waste of money?

Hello all,

I know many of you out there are considering college. Maybe your kid is about to graduate or just graduated and you have had to have that talk with them about their future. It really is nerve wrecking for both sides to consider these life questions. I also know that some of you out there may have not given your child an option and you expect them to attend college after graduation. I am here to play the devil’s advocate on this post. Maybe some of what I am about to say is not something you agree with or even find appropriate to recommend for your child, but hear me out.

Why college may be a waste of money:

*This of course only applies to some fields of study. If you want to be a doctor; then college is not an option!

  • College is definitely not for everyone:
    • Some people truly do not thrive in the school setting. They may not be good at taking tests, and lets face it; being good at taking tests is a big part of success in college. If someone is expressing their concerns about thriving in college (university), then hear them out. There may be other paths for them.

Ex: training school, vocational schools, on the job training, hands-on learning, self-education

  • Financial aid does not last for ever:
    • In my case, financial aid and scholarships were not enough to pay a private school tuition, and after four years, I was left with great debt. Most average college students will take longer than four years to finish a bachelors degree in a four year university. Financial aid will only cover a certain amount of years, which may not be enough for every student’s goals.

  • You do not always get what you pay for: 
    • Although we all wish and hope that we will find a job right after college; that is sadly not always the case. Many students like myself had trouble finding a job in their field. I had to find something that allowed me to start paying off my student loans ASAP.
    • Going to a good school does not always guarantee you a job in your field. Competition is definitely real and when you graduate there are also millions of others graduating as well.

  • Graduating in a particular field of study does not dictate your career:
    • Sometimes life happens, and things change. We may get married; have kids, get divorced, go through a hardship, etc. and we are forced to work in what we can. This may change our career path.
    • I know many people that graduated alongside me (including me) that are not using their degree. I have friends with criminal law degrees who are selling insurance, and business majors that are working at a grocery store bagging.
    • Life definitely changes without our permission, our approval, and despite our plans.
  • College does not always equal success:
    • everyone has a different definition of what success is. To some success is simply doing something you love. To others it is having financial freedom, but this is not always dependent on higher education.
    • I can count the many of friends and relatives that have made a great living whom do not have a college education. They have started their own businesses, became CEO’s of a company, and here I am with two bachelors, a Masters degree, and high honors; and I have yet to use them fully.

  • College may prolong our main goals:
    • Some people attend college or universities because they feel pressured.
    • Some use college to “find” themselves.
    • The truth is some of our talents and goals can be fostered without an expensive college education.
    • If your goal is to become a business man, then of course you must know about business; but maybe five years and a degree later may only leave you in debt and knowing as much as someone who simply educated themselves with books!

Thank you all for reading. I truly want this to be known;

  • I do not regret going to college and getting an education, but I do regret not knowing the cons of spending 6 years of my life in college and then being left with possibly a lifetime of expenses after.
  • College is a marvelous thing; but the sad part is that college is very expensive, and although they tell us to pursue it, we are often left alone to figure it out for ourselves after we graduate.
  • If you or your child are considering college, make sure that they are also aware of the possible hardships after graduation; loans, job hunting etc.
  • A degree can significantly change your chances of success in some fields and areas, but talent, passion, and knowledge are always synonymous.
  • I want my child to know the benefits of higher education, but ultimately being successful is not always tied to a four year degree.

As always thank you all for reading and I am always open to suggestions and comments.


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0 Responses to Is college a waste of money?

  1. Vicki Nelson says:

    I agree, college isn’t for everyone, and many find success without ever stepping behind the doors of one of the institutions. That being said, there is definitely a place for higher education, and there are people I know that love the whole process of college and taking tests, and have used it to their advantage. Great article!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I agree with you, I personally love college and school but I do not have the funds to keep going all my life! Measure of intelligence is not dependent on academics. Hope you stick around for future content

  2. Alicia says:

    Good article! I never went to college because I still don’t know what I would enjoy. I have a part time job teaching cpr and plan to serve again when both my children are in school.

    • Thank you for reading Alicia. I think it is great that you are giving yourself an opportunity to explore what you really want. You can always go to college if that is what you choose to do in the future. learning has no age. Thank you again for reading my post and hope you stick around for future content

  3. College is definitely a difficult and touchy subject due mostly in part to finances. I have a bachelors and a master’s in two completely different fields. Why? Because at 18 I was pressured to be the first one in my family to go to college and I was only 18. How was I supposed to know what I wanted to do with my life? I didn’t even know how to cook eggs when I was that young…seriously! Great post though. I enjoyed it.

    • Thank you for reading and being so honest. A lot of people do not want to admit that they may have chosen the wrong path. But I am glad that you were able to choose a few that you liked more. And hopefully that is what make you happy. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you stick around for more content

  4. milankaraja says:

    I believe that collage should be very affordable for everyone and smart and needy students should have ample opportunities to receive scholarships. The benefits of attending University or collage is that you enter a protected environment as no body bothers you much if you are a student. You meet new people and have fun while having the time to think about your future. Nonetheless, in my case I learned a lot even after finishing collage. Though i did spend many years in University working on several complicated projects which have finally trained me to handle bigger responsibilities now.

    • I agree completely with you. College and further education should be more affordable. It can really help us succeed in future goals but it is very unfair and unfortunate that College leaves some of us full of debt. I’m glad that your education is finally paying off 🙂 best of luck. Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope that you stick around for future content

  5. beehappy says:

    I agree that university isn’t for everyone but I feel like being 17 and just graduated high school there aren’t many career options with career growth opportunities out there that don’t require some sort follow up learning. Sometimes at that age people don’t always know what they want to do either. I have friends who dropped out of multiple various programs before discovering what it was they wanted to do. So college is a good place to “discover” yourself and I don’t think that’s a waste. It’s unfortunate how expensive it is though, so definitely if you’re discovering yourself, maybe opt for a state school 😉

    Another thing I wanted to add is that in university I learned how to learn. Not everything I learned was useful but compared to high school, university was where I learned how to take notes effectively, what kind of strategies work best for me to retain information, etc. and I still use these skills that I learned today when I want to learn something new. Again, is it worth $60K per year? Probably not, but I wouldn’t give it up.

    • Thank you so much for reading my post. I agree with you that College can teach so much more than just what you initially thought. It can prepare you to be a better and wiser person. I just wished it wasn’t always so expensive to continue your education. I also agree that finding more affordable options is good for those that may not have a clear idea of what they want. I am glad your college experience was a positive one and that it can help you further your goals. I loved going to college, but again, I was left with the reality that it was not always a very affordable journey. Thanks again for your comment and for sharing your story. I hope that you stick around for more of my content.